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Grow your business

While you focus on your clients

Do you want...

  • More time and attention for your clients
  • To be less occupied with ancillary matters
  • Bring ideas to life
  • Grow further and reach your goals?
  • Also more peace, overview and structure?


    • Do you feel stressed and experience chaos in your head?
    • Does it take you a lot of time and energy to do everything yourself, especially the ancillary matters?
    • Do you have many new ideas, but don't know where to start?
    • Do you lack overview and planning?
    • Would you like to spar with someone who thinks along with you?

    How nice it would be

    to have someone to spar with


    to whom you can outsource tasks that cost you too much time and energy?

    Then I am here for you!

      As a virtual assistant (VA), I offer flexible, professional support to entrepreneurs and provide more peace and structure.

      I support you as an entrepreneur with various tasks that you do not get around to, have no knowledge of or simply do not want to carry out yourself. Think of email management, building or adjusting your website and social media management.

      I also like to think along with your strategy and help you bring your ideas to live.

      I make sure that new ideas are immediately picked up and implemented, so that you have more energy and focus to do the things that you really like. This way you can make your business grow!

      Advantages of hiring a VA

      Flexible hours

      You decide when you can use my help. For an hour, month or a certain period. Everything is negotiable.

      Business growth

      By delegating certain tasks to me, you have peace of mind and more time to focus on the growth of your business. Your new ideas will be implemented, while you keep focus on your clients.

      No additional costs

      The benefits of having someone working for you, but not the extra costs and risks involved in hiring staff.


      As an independent entrepreneur, I know what entrepreneurship involves. I am happy to think along with you, as your sparring partner.

      How clients experience working with me

      "Manon is a great sparringpartner, because of her calmness. She is also very creative, for example in creating visuals for different type of content.

      She took over work that takes me a lot of time, that way I could focus on coaching my clients and the growth of my business."

      Marjolein Nijstad

      Business coach

      "Manon is creative, keeps her promises, has great ideas and is a great sparringpartner!

      Wokring together with Manon gave me more peace and space to focus on my coaching and the further development of my online program."

      Jessica Hooijmeijer


      “Manon heeft ons geholpen met de uitbouw van ons LinkedIn netwerk. Hierin is ze erg zelf startend geweest.  Ze nam hierin de lead en verbeterde het proces tijdens de uitvoering. Ze zocht op eigen initiatief contact met de juiste personen om haar werk effectief te kunnen doen en was transparant in haar voortgangsrapportage. Dit maakt onze samenwerking ook op afstand, erg fijn!”

      Cheyenne Dix

      Community Development Manager

      Allow yourself more time, peace and balance to grow further as an entrepreneur

      About me

      Hello, I am Manon (Elisa(beth) is my second name). I work as a VA and support entrepreneurs with various tasks.

      After studying health sciences in Maastricht, I gained work experience at various companies. From this experience, I know that my talents come out best in supporting roles. That is why I started my own business as a virtual assistant.

      I was born and raised in the Netherlands (in a village near Maastricht to be more specific) and have seen a lot of the world. I love travelling and getting to know other cultures. I speak five languages for a reason. 

      My greatest hobby is drawing and painting. I love sweets, such as cakes, and I like to bake them myself. To stay balanced, I like to walk or do a home-workout. To relax, I do yoga or read a book.

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